5 Reasons Why

You NEED This Immunity Rinse From TWICE®!


It Instantly Eliminates Bad Breath Caused By Halitosis, Smelly Foods, Smoking & More

Say goodbye to bad breath with TWICE's Immunity Rinse. Using revolutionary nano-emulsion technology, our rinse combines freshness-boosting ingredients like zinc and coconut oil into a long-lasting formula. The result? Super fresh breath that lasts.


Enjoy A Strong Flavor With No Burning Sensation

Our ultra-sensitive, alcohol-free and vegan formula is gentle on your gums but strong on bad breath-causing bacteria. Free from common irritants that leave you with a burning sensation, we rely on soothing super-ingredients like aloe vera and spirulina to combat plaque. Plus, it's sulfate and SLS free!


Boosts Your Mouth’s Immunity Against Harmful Bacteria

If left unaddressed, periodontal (or gum) disease can lead to over 120+ systemic diseases in the body like heart disease, diabetes and dementia. . Our formula uses dental grade hydrogen peroxide, zinc, and colloidal silver to boost your natural oral defenses, kill infection-causing bacteria on contact and keep your oral health in tip-top shape.


Backed By Top Oral Health Experts & Dentists

Backed and formulated by renowned dental specialist Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, we ensured only the top oral health experts designed this rinse. Dr. Levine says using this feels like you just got a cleaning at the dentist!


Convenient Pump For Easy Use

Who has time to pour out and measure mouthwash? Our convenient pump design dispenses our long-lasting, peppermint-flavored rinse directly into your mouth. Experience the power of fresh breath and save 20% on your Immunity Rinse by ordering a subscription today!