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Oral Health Awareness:

You've constantly been bombarded with the statement 'brush your teeth every day' in your childhood. The fact that most kids follow it, while adults, despite being part of the tradition for years, choose to ignore their oral hygiene is ironic! In the longer course of time, when dentistry concerns make an appearance, the best getaway for us is darting to the nearest dental clinics.
Isn't it? For many, oral health and hygiene only come into the picture when dental issues arise. However, maintaining a healthy smile isn't just a matter of a few weeks; it's a lifetime practical. To practice this habit effectively, the article below shares the best practices and ways to keep your teeth healthy.

Why the talk about maintaining a 'Good Dental Hygiene'?

Apart from escaping the dentist visits, here are some good reasons that could encourage you to take up a good dental routine! Given below are some risk factors associated with poor oral hygiene. We are sure, after reading these, you wouldn't want to put your oral hygiene for a toss!

1. Cardiovascular Health:

Maintaining good cardiovascular health is linked to the condition of the blood vessels in the mouth. The bacteria present in dental plaque, which is strongly influenced by oral hygiene, can impact blood vessels. Improved oral health is essential because if bacteria cause inflammation in the gums, they may enter the bloodstream, leading to the accumulation of plaque in arteries and their hardening, a process known as atherosclerosis. This can have serious consequences, including disrupted blood flow, heart blockages, and potentially culminating in a heart attack.

2. Gum Issues (Periodontal Disease):

Inadequate oral hygiene can result in the accumulation of plaque and tartar on the teeth, elevating the likelihood of developing gum disease. Gingivitis, the initial phase of gum disease, has the potential to advance to periodontitis when not addressed.

3. Dental Issues:

It is not oblivious that poor oral care will eventually lead to poor oral health! Cavities, bad breath, tooth loss, etc., all these stand in the queue when failed to practice good dental hygiene. It is also important to remember that the loss faced by your teeth and supported structures is many of the times irreversible and leads to concerns affecting for a lifetime.

How do you create a good oral hygiene habit?

Building and maintaining good dental hygiene goes beyond the boundaries of mere brushing. Although you've been constantly reminded about the importance of brushing, it alone cannot contribute to the improvement of your overall oral well-being. Here are some of the best tips to boost your oral hygiene:

Brushing: Are you doing it right?

We do not have to reiterate the importance of brushing daily! Yes, this means brushing twice a day. If you are dedicated to enhancing and improving your oral health, the first thing to remember is 'don't go to bed without brushing'!

Delving deep into its roots, it is crucial to retrospect your method of brushing. It might come as a shock for many, but yes, brushing, too, comes with a manual!

- Grab a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste. (Fluoride is your go-to ingredient in your trajectory towards improved mouth health)

- Equip yourself with a soft-bristled toothbrush to keep your gums and enamel in top shape. Go for small, circular motions while applying just the right amount of pressure—too hard can harm your gums, while too soft won't tackle all the plaque. (Make sure you emphasize choosing the right toothbrush for you!)

- Aim for the optimal two-minute mark; divide your mouth into four sections and spend a cool 30 seconds on each.

- Make it a twice-a-day habit—kick things off in the morning and cap your day with a bedtime brush. Your smile will thank you!

Flossing: Not an escape:

For those faithful brushers out there, don't let flossing slip through the cracks! Consider flossing as important as brushing. Remember, it's not just about rescuing those sneaky bits of food or tackling the aftermath of a broccoli feast. According to the wisdom of dental scholars, flossing is a superstar move to wake up those gums, kick plaque to the curb, and dial down inflammation. Choosing the right floss and flossing once a day will help you in your lifetime drill to maintaining good dental hygiene.

If you're looking for the right floss, look no further. Made with mindful ingredients, Twice is definitely the right choice!

Teeth-friendly diet:

Nourishing your teeth is a key part of overall health, and they have a particular fondness for certain foods. Give your pearly whites a treat with tooth-friendly options like fruits, veggies, cheese, and nuts. However, be mindful of the sugary villains – sweets and sugars should be kept on a tight leash. They not only contribute to decay but also increase the chances of a dental mishap, like breaking a tooth. So, keep those sugary indulgences in check for a smile that's both healthy and happy.

In conclusion:

The journey to optimal oral health involves simple yet impactful practices. Not only do these practices but also the dental products you use contribute to oral health and hygiene. Therefore, settle for nothing less than the best dental kits out there.
Remember, by incorporating these into your daily routine, you're not just preserving your smile; you're investing in your overall well-being. So, let's keep those pearly whites shining and healthy for a lifetime of confident and joyful smiles.