You NEED This Whitening Pen From TWICE®!


It Makes Your Teeth Up To 23 Shades Lighter

Stubborn coffee, tea and white stains are no match for our extra strength whitening pen. Packed with dental-grade hydrogen peroxide, our pen is scientifically proven to make your teeth up to 23 shades lighter–without sensitivity– in under 10 days!


It’s Perfect For Sensitive Teeth

If you’re experiencing sensitivity and stubborn stains, this whitening pen is your new best friend. Most whitening products like white strips worsen sensitivity. Our unique ingredient, potassium nitrate, blocks pain signals from your tooth to your brain to keep you glowing and pain-free.


Enjoy Its Naturally Refreshing Flavor

Many teeth whiteners have an unpleasant, chemical aftertaste. The flavor of our whitening pen is refreshingly different. Apply it to your teeth and enjoy a flavorful blend of fresh eucalyptus, cinnamon spice, wintergreen and thyme.


This Pen Is Backed By Top Dentists

Backed and formulated by renowned dental specialist Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, TWICE® ensured only the top oral health experts designed our whitening pen. The pens are made with the same tooth whitening ingredients your dentist uses for a fraction of the price!


Travel Friendly & Easy To Use

Refresh your pearly whites on the go without any rinsing or wait time! Just apply it over the front of your teeth, leave it on for as long as desired and give the vegan serum 10-30 minutes to penetrate before you eat or drink. Save 20% on your whitening pen by ordering a subscription today!